Repurpose Your Candle Jars

Creative Ideas for Giving Them New Life

Don't toss those beautiful empty candle jars into the trash just yet!
Instead, give them new life with these clever and eco-friendly ideas. With a
little creativity and minimal effort, you can transform your used candle
containers into stylish and functional items for your home.

Say goodbye to waste and hello to upcycling!

  • Bring your clean, empty jar back to the Candle Bar and receive $5 OFF your next scent!

  • Create your own collection of cocktail glasses

  • Jewelry dump at the end of the day (Stacy’s fav!) 

  • Make-up brushes, paint brushes, or pencils

  • Apothecary in the bathroom

  • Succulents or small plants(remember - our dust covers are seeded!)

Don't underestimate the potential of your empty candle jars—they're a treasure trove
of possibilities waiting to be unlocked. By repurposing them into practical and stylish items, you can reduce waste, unleash your creativity, and breathe new life into your home decor. So the next time you finish burning a candle, think twice before discarding the jar—give it a second chance to shine!

How to clean candle jars

Freezer Method
Place your (cooled) candle jar into the freezer for 30 minutes - 4 hours. Take it out and carefully use a butter knife to loosen and pry out the leftover wax.

Melting Method
On your candle’s last burn, you can pour the melted wax out onto paper towel or other paper/trash (that won’t melt). Carefully wipe the jar clean with paper towel.

Boiling Method
Carefully pour boiling water into the jar with leftover candle wax. Let it sit for 4-5 hours, then you can attempt to remove the wax, which should rise to the top.

Love your scent, but can't make it in for a refill?

If you can’t get enough of your unique signature scent and not able to make it in to one our candle bar locations, we’ll recreate it for you, add your custom label, and ship your crafted candle with extra love & intention!

Create Your Own