The heat of summer.  Apartment or dorm building rules.  Curious pets.  Busy toddler hands.  Whatever the reason, sometimes having a candle burning isn’t the best or most feasible option.  But you still want to add a beautiful scent to your space, so what do you do?  You stock up on Sea Love's flameless scent options, of course!  We offer multiple different ways to bring life and memory to your spaces with scent, so there’s sure to be one (or three) that’s perfect for you!  Check them out online or in one of our boutiques or retail partners across the US locations here!

Our car diffusers are perfect for hanging in your vehicle and keeping the staleness at bay.  Minimalist and chic, they’re available in our signature scents and last for weeks on end.  Add them to the ribbon on a gift to give the wrapping a little extra something, or pair it with sunglasses, a cute microfiber cloth, and a fun keychain for that special someone who just got a new car or license.  Or plan ahead a stock up to slip it into their Christmas stocking! These little diffusers make the best upgrade to those toxic, overpowering hanging trees from days gone by (wink).

If you have an actual diffuser in your home, bring your favorite Sea Love signature scent to life by using our special diffuser oils.  Clean and uplifting, they will calm your space in minutes with just a few drops.  We even offer a few beautiful ceramic diffusers on our website as well.

Last but not least in our line of diffusers, our reed diffusers offer a simple and beautiful way to add to your room décor and fill a small space with scent at the same time.  The reeds throw the signature scent throughout a small space like a hallway or bathroom and can last for several months just by flipping the reeds every so often to refresh the scent.  You can even use fewer reeds for a more subtle hint of fragrance if you want!  Free from parabens, alcohol, ethanol, phthalates, and DPG, these diffusers are not only elegant but safe and nontoxic as well.

If you prefer the “candle without a flame” way to add scent to your home with a wax warmer, we also offer wax melts in all our signature candle fragrances. Try one of our beautiful electric warmers to add just the right touch to your office or home décor without the open flame of a candle.

One of our most popular flameless scent options is our linen and room mist (15% OFF Sale HAPPENING NOW while supplies last now with code SUMMER15 at checkout!)  We love these packable glass bottles that are perfect for refreshing a bathroom, office, car, or even your clothing and linens.  And like all our Sea Love products, they are as clean and nontoxic as possible to make them safe for everyone in your home.  Biodegradable, free from preservatives and additives, and VOC and C.A.R.B. compliant, you can use these mists without worry for your family, even the four-legged members!

Which one sounds right for you?  Why not try a few—or all of them?!  Candles may seem to be the star of the show around here, but these flameless options are just as effective, safe, and beautiful for every space.  Be sure to let us know which one you like best and where you use them, we love to hear how our Sea Love products are making a difference in your life!

Happy Summering!

Written By: Kristi Clark, Sea Love Scent Stylist and Author of Pine & Tide ( Instagram @pine_and_tide

Photo Credit: Marissa Elise Photography Website and Instagram @marissaelisephotography  

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